A Creed for the Sowing of Seeds

“A man throws seed on the land.
Night and day, while he sleeps, when he is awake,
the seed is sprouting and growing; how, he does not know.” 
(Mark 4:26-28) 

I believe that this is one of the earth’s finest moments,
that the sun’s light awakening the colours 
of the trees and shrubs and grass around me 
is much like God’s own Spirit of love awakening life in me.

I believe that great things can come forth 
from even the tiniest seed planted in love 
and cared for tenderly in the heart of another.

I believe that some dying of seed has to take place
before it can give itself over to life,
that every heart has its germination time, 
its darkest moment, 
before the future fruitfulness of harvest comes.

I believe that it takes much patience to sow a seed, 
to freely give it away to the heart of earth, 
to allow it to take root and to grow in its own good time.

I believe that my life will always know its season of hope, 
that I will find flowers after every finality 
of a dark, cold and wet winter,
that I will find green, growing things 
after every harsh, barren reign of winter’s rage.

I believe in the Sower of all seeds, in the God of life, 
in the Giver of all good and growing things, 
my Lord and my God!

Sr Joyce Rupp, OSM