This website is dedicated to exploring how we construct the reality of our lives. The images that you will find on this site have been chosen to help me share with you my ideas about the ways we create reality.  In fairness to you and to me, too, I have to admit that I will try to reconcile my ideas with my Catholic heritage and my faith in God and my relationship with the Blessed Trinity. 

On a day in April, 2014, I was in the Market Square in Krakow, Poland—it is the largest market square in Europe and dates back to the thirteenth century. It was there that I saw the young girl feeding pigeons.  I thought of the passage in Matthew’s Gospel—“Look at the birds of the air, they neither sow nor do they reap yet your Heavenly Father takes care of them” (Matthew 6:26)—and how the girl in the photo was acting as God’s instrument, cooperating with God in this moment by taking care of the two birds picking seeds from her hands. 

The simplicity of her action, taking place in a setting that had been used for a similar purpose, albeit for people, for more than 700 years; add to this the subterranean tourist attraction that traces the story of habitation in that area, making use of archaeological discoveries that echo the story of the young girl feeding the pigeons.

The story is much more complex than it appears to be. The bigger picture reveals the source of the bird seed: her father stands beside her and pours the feed into her hands so that she can feed the birds.