The Inquiry Method 

What is the inquiry method? 

Put simply, the inquiry method is a way of learning through asking questions. When teachers teach through asking questions, we call that process the Socratic method, so named after the ancient Greek philosopher Socrates. 

Wikipedia has a good article on inquiry education. It's worth taking the time to read the article and to apply the characteristics listed in the article to yourself. 

Using the Document Analysis Package 1, make a list of the steps in the Inquiry Method. There are 9 steps. When you have written them down, or put them into a file in your iPad (I am writing an ePub about the inquiry method. What are you going to do?), we will watch the following video. It's a quirky, but valuable reflection on the power of inquiry learning. 

Working with the Document Analysis Package

The purpose of the package is to help you understand and to practise the inquiry method. That is why the resources are included.  

Read each step in the light of the steps that will follow. That is why I set you the task of writing down the steps. I have put the steps in the first chapter of my ePub. Where will you put your list? 

Under each step, write a brief description of the step. We will work on this together in class by "jigsawing" the task. In that way, it won't take us as long to do it, you will become experts in parts of the process until the others catch up, and it will give you the chance to collaborate with the rest of the class in the task of learning.  

As we work through the steps, we will gather words that we need to learn - spelling and meaning. Make sure you keep a list of the words. Add them to your Flashcards. Work together on the meanings of the words. 

Finally, over the week, we will engage in the task of writing about some of the sources that we will be meeting, reading, analysing and discussing. You will gain some practice in writing academic papers. Good luck!