The Diocesan Coordination Team 

What is a "coordination team"?

When I first became involved in YCS, I discovered a group of students called the CRG (Central Review Group). It was made up of students representing the local groups in the diocesan Movement. Recently, AYCS released a document describing the role of such a group in the Movement and also the roles of people associated with the group, such as the Diocesan AA and the Chaplain. The group is now known as the Coordination Team. The change in name and the effort that has gone into documenting its role is part of the overall strategy for rejuvenating the Movement in Australia. Below is the description of the Coordination Team. The statement has been taken from the document referred to above.

The Coordination Tea

  • The role of the coordination team is to coordinate the actions of YCS on a Diocesan level. By bringing together the experiences of all local groups we can connect and take action to respond to these situations in a collective and powerful way.
  • The coordination team is a way to live and breathe the Three Truths, in particular the Truth of method, as we are part of an inter-connected movement (not isolated local groups) who use the Review of Life to Change the World.
  • The Coordination Team can connect local groups in a way to respond to the needs of the movement..
  • The Coordination Team (CT) is made up of representatives from local YCS groups who make decisions that set the vision and direction of the YCS in the Diocese.
  • The CT is the major decision-making and representative body of the diocesan movement.
  • It is responsible for overseeing and developing all areas of the YCS Movement including Our World, Relationship with God, Mission, Faith in Action, Leadership, Coordination including Adult Assistants and Finances.
  • It supports and empowers local YCS groups to be effective places of formation and provides opportunities for ongoing formation and training within and between groups. This may include the organization of diocesan events.
  • The CT is responsible for ensuring that the YCS is developing in the context of the national movement and it implements and works towards achieving the national aims and actions in the diocese.
  • Where relevant, the CT is the employer of any YCS workers and is responsible for all employment processes and for the ongoing supervision and direction of their work.
  • The CT maintains contact with the Adult Support Team through the Diocesan AA and Chaplain.