About me


I am Patrick Branson. Actually, I am Richard Patrick Branson, but in my family history, those whose names begin with Richard do not use the name, but go by their second name. I never found out why. I don't think my Dad knew either. Besides, being called Richard Branson doesn't get me any free flights on Virgin, so I will stay with plain old Pat Branson. 

Bransonworld is about my world: my family, my work, my studies, my interests. So a little about me: I am married to Maryanne and we have a daughter, Melissa. We live in Armadale, a southern suburb of Perth, Western Australia. Maryanne and I have lived here since 1985. Melissa was born in 1989.

I spent more than 20 years working at Kolbe Catholic College in Rockingham, a coastal suburb south of Perth. Maryanne worke3d part time at Seton College as its Publications Officer. Melissa has graduated from WAAPA. Together with her husband Jonathan Fitzgerald, whom she met while in the US — Jon is an outstanding classical guitarist and directs the classical guitar program at the University of Western Australia — we are three fake doctors, meaning, we have doctorates. Melissa and Jon married on October 6, 2012. We belong to St Francis Xavier parish in Armadale. More about that experience at some other time.